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Terms & Conditions


Welcome to DEALBUYER.COM, where we offer great deals on branded products.

All orders placed via our website will be governed by these terms and conditions. You should therefore read these terms carefully before you place your order as they explain your and our legal rights and also contain important information about our contract with you and how your order will be dealt with.

If you have any questions, please contact us before you place your order by calling 033 33 55 33 99 or by emailing us at

1.1 We are Deal Buyer UK Ltd a company registered in England and Wales. Our company number is 08893272 and our VAT number is GB 184 5162 00.

1.2 Our registered office address is 6 Parkside, Christchurch Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3SQ, this is also the address that you can write to if you need to contact us.

1.3 You can also contact us by phone on 033 33 55 33 99 or by email at 

2.1 Please make sure that the details that you provide to us about yourself are complete and accurate.

2.2 Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you are purchasing the products for your own use. If you are purchasing on behalf of someone else, please be aware that our agreement will still be with you and you will be responsible for complying with the obligations set out in these terms and conditions, including payment obligations.

2.3 We sell products for personal use only. Unless we have agreed otherwise we do not make any promise that our products will be suitable for business use and we recommend that they are not used for business purposes.

2.4 If we need to contact you about your order, we will usually do this by email, using the email address associated with your account. We may also contact you by phone or by post, again using the details associated with your account.

2.5 Before you place your order, please make sure that all of your details are correct. If any of your details change after you place your order you should let us know straight away so that we can continue to get in touch with you if we need to.

3.1 All orders must be placed via the website. You can place an order by adding the product or products that you want to order to your basket, proceeding to the checkout and then following the on-screen process.

3.2 Once you place an order, you will receive an automated email confirming receipt of your order. If you do not receive this within 24 hours of placing your order please check your spam folder. If you are still unable to locate the email please contact us by sending an email to to check that we have received your order.

3.3 Provided that we are able to accept your order (see paragraph 8.2 for more information about circumstances in which we cannot accept an order) we will dispatch the products as described in paragraph 6 and will send you an email to confirm this. Our email confirming dispatch constitutes acceptance of your order and will form a legally binding contract between us and you for the sale of the products, governed by these terms.

4.1 Before ordering a product, please read the description carefully to ensure that you understand all the key features of the product and that it meets your requirements. If you have any questions, let us know.

4.2 We may display images of our products on the website. However, the way that these images will display on your screen will depend on the display settings of your device and therefore colours and other aspects of the products may look slightly different in real life to the way they look on-screen.

4.3 Any product packaging shown is for illustration purposes only and the packaging of the product you receive may be different.

4.4 Any warranty or guarantee provided with a product is in addition to and not in place of your rights under these terms and your other legal rights. See paragraph 9.3 for more information.

5.1 The price of our products (which includes VAT) is shown on the website, and the total price that you will pay will be shown during the order process.

5.2 We take all reasonable care to ensure that the price of the products indicated to you is correct. If we identify an error before we accept your order then we may decline to accept your order as described in paragraph 8.2, in which case you will be entitled to submit a further order at the correct price.

5.3 We take payment securely online through Braintree a PayPal service. We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, American Express, PayPal and Amazon Payments. We will take payment when we dispatch your order. If we are unable to take payment for any reason we will contact you and ask you to make payment by an alternative method. We will not be able to dispatch the products until cleared payment is received.

6.1 We will deliver your product(s) to the delivery address that you have provided.

6.2 We can only dispatch products to UK addresses.

6.3 The delivery costs that you will have to pay will be shown during the order process. By placing an order, you are agreeing to pay these in addition to the price of the product(s).

6.4 If we have the products in stock and we are able to accept your order, we will dispatch the products promptly following receipt of your order. The time period for delivery will be displayed during the order process. Where you order multiple products and only some are in stock we may wait until all products are in stock and then dispatch your order in full, or alternatively we may dispatch your order in instalments.

6.5 If a product is out-of-stock we will dispatch your order promptly following the product coming back into stock.

6.6 If your product is a pre-order, we will dispatch your product no later than the release date (provided that we have sufficient stock to do so).

6.7 You must ensure that someone is at home on the delivery date to accept delivery. Our courier may leave the product with anybody at the address you have given us for delivery, provided that they are or appear to be at least 18 years of age.

6.8 If you are aware that nobody is going to be at home you should provide alternative arrangements, for example a safe place where the products can be left or a neighbour who will accept delivery. In this case, our courier’s delivery of the products to the safe place or the neighbour’s address will complete our delivery obligations.

6.9 The product becomes your property and responsibility from the point at which it is delivered to you (or to a safe place you have chosen for delivery or another person you have asked us to deliver it to instead of you).

6.10 If we are unable to make delivery our courier will attempt to re-deliver on one occasion. If that re-delivery is unsuccessful then the products will be returned to our warehouse and you must contact us to arrange re-delivery (for which you may have to pay a reasonable additional fee) within 30 days. If you do not make arrangements for re-delivery within 30 days then we may cancel your order and end the contract.

7.1 Cancellation before dispatch
If you want to make any changes once you have placed your order but before your products have been dispatched (including cancelling your order or part of it) please let us know as soon as possible. We will try to make the change for you, but if the product is dispatched before we are able to make the change then you may need to return the product as described in paragraph 7.2.
If a refund is due, we will make the refund within 14 days using the same payment method you used to pay for the products.

7.2 Cancellation if you change your mind after dispatch
You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days of receiving the products without giving any reason. To do so you must inform us by a clear statement (for example, a letter sent by post or an email. You must send your cancellation request before the 14 day period expires.
When you cancel, you must return the products to us at 4-6 Parkside, Christchurch Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3SQ. You are responsible for the cost of return postage. Once we receive the products back from you, or evidence that you have returned them, we will refund you within 14 days, using the same payment method you used to pay for the products.
You will receive a full refund on the amount you paid for the products and for the delivery of the products to you unless:
• You have used the products in a way that goes beyond what would be necessary to generally examine them on receipt and check their features and functionality (in a way that is more than you would be allowed to examine the products in a shop), in which case we may make a reasonable deduction from the refund to take account of the loss in value of the products as a result of that use.
• You selected a premium postage option, in which case you will only receive reimbursement to the value of the products plus the basic delivery charge.

7.3 Cancellation if there is a problem with a product
If a product that you purchase is not of satisfactory quality, not fit for the purpose for which it would usually be used or a purpose that you told us you would be using it for before you placed your order or does not meet the description given on our website, you may reject the affected product within 30 days of receipt.
If you do not reject the product within 30 days, you may still reject it for up to six months after delivery provided that you first give us the chance to repair or replace the product and we are unable to do so.
You may also be able to reject the product later than six months after it was delivered if you can prove that there was a problem present when it was delivered. Please see the Citizens Advice website or call 03454 04 05 06 for more information (Citizens Advice is an independent organisation and we are not affiliated with them in any way).
Where you reject the product because of a problem, you must return it to us but we will reimburse your reasonable costs of doing so. If the return is within six months of receipt of the product you will be entitled to a full refund of the price of the product and the delivery charges. The refund may be lower if you reject the product later than this. The refund may also be lower if we pay for the shipping back and the item is deemed not faulty or the return reason not correct. This would be a straight £10 deduction from the refund. The refund will be made within 14 days of us agreeing that you are entitled to it.
Certain of our products may also have a manufacturer's guarantee which requires you to contact the manufacturer direct. Please follow the procedure set out in the manufacturer's guarantee.
Please see paragraph 9.3 for more information on defective or incorrect products.

7.4 Cancellation for any other reason
Paragraphs 7.1 to 7.3 describe the cancellation rights that we offer and we will generally not be able to accept the cancellation of your order or the return of products other than in the circumstances described in those paragraphs. However, nothing in these terms is intended to override your ordinary legal rights and we will comply with our legal obligations to accept returns and issue refunds where otherwise required by law (for example product recalls).

7.5 Warranty starts from date of receipt and last for 12 months unless otherwise stated within the product page

8.1 Although we will normally be able to do so, we cannot guarantee to accept all orders placed via the website. You will receive an email confirming your order, but please be aware that this is generated automatically and does not mean that we have been able to accept your order. You should only consider your order to have been accepted once you receive an email confirming that your products have been dispatched.

8.2 We may occasionally be unable to accept orders for various reasons, for example because a product is out of stock or there was an error in the advertised price or description. If this is the case, we will let you know and, where possible, we will discuss other options with you, for example alternative products that may be available or the option of purchasing the product at the correct price.

8.3 We may also cancel your order after dispatch if we are unable to deliver the product to you and you fail to make arrangements for re-delivery within 30 days as described within paragraph 6.10. In this case we will give you a full refund within 14 days of the date on which we cancel your order.

9.1 Queries
If you have any queries about the website, your order or our products, please call 033 33 55 33 99 or by emailing us at  and we will do our best to help you.

9.2 Problems
We work hard to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the service and the products that they receive. In the unlikely event that you do experience a problem with your order, please let us know by calling 033 33 55 33 99 or by emailing us at 

9.3 Defective or wrong product supplied
We have a legal responsibility to supply products that are in conformance with our contract with you. Where there is a problem with a product you receive, please contact us using the details set out at paragraph 9.2 and we will discuss your options with you so that we can put things right, including repairing the defective product, replacing it or giving you a refund (see paragraph 7.3 for more information on rejecting the product).
We will check any products that are returned (either for a repair, replacement or refund) to verify the information that you have provided and identify the problem. If we are unable to identify any problem with the product, or we believe that the damage was caused by misuse or otherwise was not present when the product was delivered to you we reserve the right to refuse to accept the return and to return the product to you at your cost. If you disagree with this decision please see paragraphs 9.4 to 9.7 below.

9.4 Complaints
We take all complaints seriously. If we receive a complaint from you it will be reviewed by our customer care team who will respond to you within 28 days. If you are dissatisfied with this response you may request that your complaint be escalated, in which case it will be passed to a senior person in our business who will review your complaint and the initial response and provide a further response within 28 days of your request to escalate the matter.

9.5 Online Dispute Resolution service
If we are unable to resolve your complaint you may wish to submit a complaint via the Online Dispute Resolution service (see This is an independent portal provided by the European Union. We are not currently a member of any Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) schemes, but we will consider whether ADR is an appropriate method of resolving a dispute with you if we are unable to resolve it through our complaints procedure.

9.6 Other legal remedies
We take our legal responsibilities very seriously and have prepared these terms and conditions in accordance with your legal rights. The options described above are intended to describe or be in addition to your normal legal remedies and nothing in these terms will override or exclude any of your legal rights.

9.7 Limits of our responsibility
We are not responsible to you for the following types of loss or damage:
• Loss or damage of a kind that we could not reasonably have foreseen.
• Loss or damage arising out of use of the product for commercial, business or re-sale purposes.
• Loss or damage which results from you misusing the product.
• Loss or damage arising from wear or tear or otherwise from damage to a product arising after the time when it was delivered (except where that damage is caused by a problem which was present at the time it was delivered and reported within 48hrs).
However, nothing in this paragraph 9.7 or otherwise in these terms is intended to limit or exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, for breach of your legal rights in relation to the products, for defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or otherwise where we are not permitted to limit or exclude our liability by law.

10.1 We will use the personal information you provide to us to supply the products to you, to process your payment for the products and to provide you with support after you have received the products.

10.2 If you choose to receive information about our other products and services we believe may be of interest to you then we may use your personal information for these purposes. You may stop receiving these communications at any time by contacting us and letting us know that you want to unsubscribe.

10.3 We will only give your personal information to third parties where the law either requires or allows us to do so.

10.4 See our privacy policy on our website for more information

11.1 Any contract formed will be between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms.

11.2 Each of the paragraphs of these terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

11.3 These terms are governed by English law and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the any disputes arising out of or in connection with your order, including any problems with the products, in the English courts. If you live in Scotland you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in either the Scottish or the English courts. If you live in Northern Ireland you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in either the Northern Irish or the English courts.




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7.4 The internet is not a secure medium and privacy cannot be assured. We therefore do not accept responsibility for any harm or damage you may experience or incur by sending personal or confidential information to us over the internet or if we send you such information at your request.

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9.1 The content on the Site is provided for general information only and is not intended to amount to advice to be relied upon. We will not be liable for any losses arising out of any reliance placed on the content of the Site by you, or any person informed of its contents.
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10.1 Nothing in these terms of use excludes or limits our liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, or our fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by English law, for example those relating to the rights of consumers.
10.2 The Site provides content from other internet websites or resources and while we try to ensure that material included on the Site is correct, reputable and of high quality, we do not make any warranties or guarantees in relation to that content. If we are informed of any inaccuracies in the material on the Site, we will attempt to correct the inaccuracies as soon as we reasonably can.
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10.4 If you are a business user, please note that in particular, we will not be liable for:
10.4.1 loss of profits, sales, business or revenue;
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10.4.4 business interruption;
10.4.5 loss of anticipated savings;
10.4.6 loss of business opportunity, goodwill or reputation; and/or
10.4.7 any indirect or consequential loss or damage.
10.5 Different limitations and exclusions of liability apply to the supply of goods to you, which are set out in our Terms and Conditions of Sale [insert link].

11.1 Whenever you make use of a feature that allows you to upload material to the Site or post comments or messages for others to read, or to make contact with other users of the Site, you must comply with the content standards set out in our Acceptable Use Policy.
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11.5 The views expressed by other users on the Site so not represent our views or values.

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15.1 If you breach these Terms and we choose not to take immediate action, such inaction shall not constitute a waiver of our rights and remedies and we will still be entitled to use such rights and remedies at a later date or in any other situation where you breach the Terms.
15.2 Any contract formed will be between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms.
15.3 Each of the paragraphs of these terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.
15.4 These terms are governed by English law and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the any disputes arising out of or in connection with your order, including any problems with the products, in the English courts. If you are a consumer and you live in Scotland, you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in either the Scottish or the English courts. If you are a consumer and you live in Northern Ireland, you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in either the Northern Irish or the English courts.